Today was a crazy day at Wrinkled Records. Our Friday staff meetings are normally
pretty loose because they start late in the day. Sometimes we even have wine…but on
this day, we did not have any wine.. just snacks and water.

We really had no excuse for the way our meeting went other than the fact that all of us, with the exception of Katie, are extremely ADD (she reminds us of this on a regular basis).

So even though we started out talking about the BJ Thomas and Keb’ Mo’ video that we
just released and the upcoming Grand Old Opry appearance that BJ will be doing with
Sara Niemietz as a guest artist, we gradually morphed into a creative train completely
getting derailed and side tracked. So here is a glimpse of how the conversation at our
staff meeting went today:

BJ & Keb Mo>>>>

Sara’s Niemietz upcoming trip to Nashville>>>>

Sara 21st birthday (today)>>>>

BTW, Sara had her first cocktail>>>>

Leighton sent me an app (while sitting right next me) called “I’m Astronaut”> >>>

Now we are all taking pics of each other and my dogs to upload into this app so we can
see each other as an Astronaut>>>>

Spending about 45 minutes laughing at ourselves>>>

Emailing all of this fun to Luellyn because she was not at today’s meeting>>>>

Katie starts talking about daughter Rachel driving into a big bottomless puddle and
getting water in her entire car and transmission>>>>>

Leighton said she must get her “tranny” checked out>>>

Which brings us to start talking the Transgender Navy Seal in the news today >>>>

And then about pointy bras that some transgender women wear>>>>

How when Katie and I worked at “corporate jobs” women dressed up everyday with full
hair and makeup and we wore business suits>>>>>>>>>

The days before computers and Katie and I being the oldest, lamented about “the olden
days before computers” having to use “white out” for typo’s>>>>

How I worked as an answering service switchboard operator with a huge plug board>>>>>

Angelia Jolie played a switchboard operator in “The Changeling”>>>>>>>

Angelina’s new boobs, which 3 of us thought, looked too “pointy”.

Believe it or not we work like this all the time… and we laugh at the fact that we do manage to get things done.

Some times you just need a fun, meandering day at the workplace…I know this because
we tend to excel at it.

So don’t work to hard…and try to laugh a whole lot…it is good for you.

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