Buffy Lawson


“When I was a little, I didn’t know if I wanted to be Dolly Parton or Cher when I grew up. But I knew there would be tons of sparkles.”

The road to sparkly stardom began in Lexington, KY for Buffy Lawson, who began entertaining from an early age. She would drag every chair out of the family home into the back yard, charging neighbors five dollars to attend her shows.

After graduating from high school Buffy had a decision to make as to where she would begin her career: Los Angeles, New York or Nashville. Because she had an aunt and uncle living in Tennessee, she pointed her car south to Music City.

First up on the Buffy Lawson Twenty Year Plan was singing demos for aspiring songwriters. Inspired by their work, the young singer moved on to Phase II, songwriting.

One thing led to another. It was her songs that landed staff writing positions at several publishers in Nashville, while her voice caught the ear of producer Bob Gaudio, who teamed her with Neil Diamond to duet on Marry Me.

While attending a gig as Lorrie Morgan’s back-up singer brought her to the attention of a music industry executive who was putting together a duo. Curb Records signed Bomshel to a recording contract, and opening slots for acts like Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley and Trace Adkins followed.

“We had a fabulous band and a custom built bus and I was able to play rock star.” But after three years, Lawson made the decision to re- focus on her career as a songwriter. Shortly upon leaving Bomshel, she had songs recorded by Bo Bice, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Randy Travis, Kenny Rogers and yes… Dolly Parton!

And then, after nearly 20 years in Nashville, she followed her heart back home to Lexington, where her high school sweetheart—and his two young sons—waited. Life was good.

But a soul-mate blast from her past came calling. “Sandy Knox and I met years ago and became fast friends. Recently she told me about an idea she had for a label called Wrinkled Records. I didn’t think for a minute she was talking about me doing it; she knew I was done. I was floored when she told me she wanted to sign me.”

Nashville songwriter Walt Aldridge jumped on board to produce. The first time she heard back her deeply personal “I’m Leaving You For Me”, she knew she had made the right decision. “I just let go for these sessions. I sang from a place in my heart that didn’t care if anyone heard it. I’m not chasing the magic anymore. I’m letting the magic find me.”

Ultimately, Lawson sees her project with Wrinkled Records as a musical chronicle of heartache and good times, friends found and love lost, lessons learned on her evolution from a 20-year-old girl to a grown, full-hearted woman.

“I would say over the years, I am less about sparkles and more about fine soft suede.” says Lawson. “The songs on this album, entitled <em>I’m Leaving You For Me</em>, are honest depictions of my journey thus far. I will always love Dolly and Cher, but the beauty of getting older is truly knowing who I am. Flaws, sparkles and all.”

“This feels like freedom. This feels like the best music I’ve ever made.”