Having An Affair With Music

Even though I am President/Owner of a record label based in Nashville, the headquarters of country music, I am a huge fan of Pop, Rock, R&B and Alternative music. So, when I’m not listening to the projects of our WR artists, I truly love checking out new music from all genres. (That’s why it was important to me that Wrinkled Records be a “genre-less”’ label.) Here’s a snapshot of my current playlist. By the way, I like to listen to it really LOUD!

Every one of the artists/songs on this list are so unique and fresh and GOOD. Damn good. I really like that some of the new music pays homage to some of the greats that have come before. I can hear a bit of Queen nestled in both Mika and fun. I love that. In Mayer Hawthorne, I can hear the cool 60’s influence. And in Alabama Shakes lead singer Brittany Howard (love this chick’s voice), I hear Billie Holiday and Mick Jagger.

Music is an amazing gift that everyone gets to enjoy, embrace and create. It can change your mood. It can get you UP off your butt and make you dance. It can define your state of mind. It can explain the way you feel when you can’t begin to find the words. When a song becomes “our song” to a couple in love, it binds hearts and souls together forever.

When you hear a certain song that means something special to YOU, it has the power to transport your heart, soul and mind to a certain place in time, and you re-live those memories, whether they be good or bad.

Music also has the power to heal, and this is a mighty powerful gift. Music can calm and soothe our troubled minds and battered bodies.

I will always be in love with Music.

It is an affair of my heart and soul that I intend to be wrapped up in and devoted to forever and ever. For Infinity.

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