How I talked Isaac Slade, of The Fray, right out of his pants

Well, it started out as a simple night out with friends to go and help get a new Scholarship fund get off the ground… but the classy affair quickly turned into me talking a young rock star out of his pants… in public. This new scholarship would be in the name of our late entertainment attorney Bob Sullivan, whom we lost about a year ago to leukemia. When Katie Gillon and myself decided to “Go for it” and launch Wrinkled Records, Bob was one of the first people we met with. He loved the entire concept of the label and thought that Baby Boomers, did indeed need and would support a label that was geared toward their musical sensibility… So from the get go we had his support and his blessing…and this meant a great deal to us.

Appearing that night at the fundraiser was a fantastic array of singers and songwriters who once had the privilege of working with Bob on their careers. Janis Ian, Sam Bush, Jim Lauderdale, John Carter Cash and The Fray.

The members of the Fray (Isaac Slade, Joe King, Dave Walsh, Ben Wysocki) had kindly agreed to autograph a Les Paul Guitar that was then auctioned off to the highest bidder. After the live auction was finished, The Fray took the stage to close out the night with a few acoustic tunes… At this point the evening is still classy and dignified. But then Isaac started telling the audience that he had to apologize to whomever had the winning bid on the guitar because he had smeared the autographs when he had laid the guitar across his lap… he then pointed to the tight, black jeans that covered his thigh and said “the ink smear is located in this area.” Now… just let me say that I had already noticed that this nice young man with long slender legs was wearing these particular jeans a little bit…snug…shall we say. So somewhere in that moment the words “So how much for your pants?” came hollering out of my mouth and toward the nice young man on the stage.
And thus started the Auctioning off of Isaac’s pants…

And then…everything happened so fast.

In my head, I am saying, “UH-OH, I may have just bought some very expensive pants”. And sure enough, the auctioneer was back on stage and then there was a blur of a silver sharpie as all the members of The Fray started signing Isaac’s pants so that the lure would become even more irresistible. And, then Isaac signs his name across the crotch!!!! I can hear the auctioneer doing his machine-gun like rattle directed at me… so with the help of some chardonnay that is coursing through my bloodstream, I take the bait and make the first bid…and then we are off… The crowd is going crazy and it is loud and I have had just enough wine to think that this is oh so funny. And Brittany, our stunningly beautiful, legally blonde, blue eyed, smart as a whip, cracker jack attorney, who took Bob’s place, is batting her eyes at me… egging me on and looking like a lost little puppy lawyer…And I could have sworn, I heard her say something about some free hours she will throw my way (but she didn’t, I imagined this)…and then someone behind me bids again. And so I bid again… because now it has become a matter of pride. Those are my pants, damn it, I spotted them first! Then my opponent bids again but now it is too rich for my blood so I stay put. I am done. I will not go higher. But then…I feel someone lean into my left ear and whisper “ I will spilt it with you”… I turn and look and see that it is Ree Guyer, the owner of WRENSONG Publishing. I have known Ree for years and I know in a second that she is good for her word… So my hand shoots up and I make the final and winning bid… I have just talked Isaac Slade right out of his pants… With the help of the wonderful and generous, Ree Guyer!!

We have many plans for the Pants…They will go on many adventures and we will blog, post, tweet and photograph it all. They will attend writing sessions at Wrensong and maybe a few black tie affairs with some other celebrities. I would like to take them to a few recording session too. But first, I intend to introduce them to the pillowcase that I stole from Elvis Presley’s hotel room when I was a bold, young girl of 15. I will tell you that entire story in my next blog… “Pants meet Pillow”.

So now Wrinkled Records, Inc and Wrensong Publishing Corp are the proud owners of “ The Bob Sullivan Scholarship Fray Pants”.

I know, without a doubt, that Bob Sullivan was looking down on us that evening, shaking his head and laughing at our silliness BUT I also know that there would be a proud little smile on that handsome face just below his big, bushy mustache.
Cheers, Bob!

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