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For some reason, I volunteered to do the very first official blog for our new and improved website. I am always doing things like that…volunteering to do things that I know nothing about…but it forces me to learn something new that I may not have ever attempted to learn on my own. I have never blogged before…so this is a first.

Through the years, I have had so many firsts…Some of them I will not go into, because Katie would make me attend “Sensitivity Training” (AGAIN).

*My First Kiss…His name was Evan, and right before he kissed me, he removed the bridgework that kept his fake tooth in place.
*My First Apartment…Here in Nashville…Scary and thrilling at the same time.
*My First Staff Deal with a Music Publisher…Bluewater Music.
*My First Cut as a Songwriter…Dionne Warwick. Thank You, Clive Davis.
*Had My First # 1 Record… “Does He Love You.” Thank you, Reba McEntire!
*Bought My First House…Named it “Casa de la Reba”!
*Got My First Grammy Nomination…Met Sinatra.
*Had My First (and I hope my only) Heart Attack.
*Had My First (and I hope my only) Bout with Colon Cancer.

The above-mentioned “firsts” have caused me to become a bit fearless in many other areas of my life…many. But mainly in making the decision to start this little indie label. I always refer to Wrinkled Records as the “Little Label That Could.”

We are trying to think outside the box and do things a bit differently…which is how I have lived my entire life…We actually like what we are doing…We laugh a lot at our weekly meetings…a whole lot…maybe too much. We are informal at our meetings. Sometimes our dogs are at our meetings…and this is a good thing. Sometimes we have Katie’s 9-month-old grandson, Jacky Pants (my nickname for him), bouncing on our knees at a meeting…This breathes new life into all of us. Sometimes, on Friday, we open a bottle of wine and brainstorm over a glass of Chardonnay, another good thing. And I can say that I genuinely, wholeheartedly, unequivocally, like and enjoy everyone that we work with…and that is a real gift.

That makes this particular first already a success and pleasure that I can add to my wonderful list of firsts.

Sandy “Spookie Leigh” Knox

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